Together with the Illmitz Wine Experience consortium, the Illmitz Tourism Association will stage many wine events in 2018.


All wine growing and restaurant and catering businesses are invited to take part!

Participating in the Illmitz Wine Experience is free for all businesses!

The following events will take place in the framework of the 2018 Illmitz Wine Experience:

Illmitz Spring Walk
(17 - 19 April) – Days of Open Cellar Doors, Gastronomical Spring, Art in the Cellar, ...

Day of Wine, Blues and More
(12 September) – Young Wine Presentation 2015 (only young wine growers)

Illmitz Martiniloben
(6 - 8 and 13 - 15 November) – Days of Open Cellar Doors, CulinaryMartiniloben, Art in the Cellar, ...

The Illmitz Wine Experience project pursues the following main goals and ideas:

Organisation and execution of wine events in the narrower and broader sense – ALL-YEAR.

Organization and execution of wine and gastronomic events in the narrower and broader sense – ALL-YEAR.

Within the framework of the NEMOTOUR project, new tourism offers in culture, nature and wine and culinary delights are being developed together (NEMOTOUR is a cooperation between the municipalities of Illmitz, Jois, Purbach and the city of Modra in Slovakia and funded by the EU’s Regional Development Fund).

The period of September & October is very interesting for both wine-growing and tourism in terms of visitor and buyer interest, but has barely been used until now. The aim is to make better use of this period for wine and gastronomy related events and to expand it further.

Spring (March to June) is also very interesting for wine growing as well as restaurant and catering businesses in terms of visitor and customer interest.

The traditional Martiniloben (Days of Open Cellar Doors, etc....) shall be continued in an adapted form.

The traditional Spring Walk (Days of Open Cellar Doors, etc...) is to be continued in an adapted form.

The culinary offers are to be harmoniously combined with the wine offers in a premium manner.

The fact that the wine-growing community of Illmitz is climatically privileged (very early harvest) should be emphasised (Young Wine Presentation,...)